Tasly Deepure Tea

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By Published on August 17, 2019 in Health Products
₦ 7,500.00 NGN
Deepure Instant Tea
100% Puerh Tea (processed) Extract
1-2 sachets one time
0.5g * 30pieces/Can
Scientific- Safe- Health- Convenience
Modern biological fermentation more healthy ingredients
Advanced extracting and spray drying technology
Highly concentrated Puerh tea essence
Nano-grade instant powder
Free of heavy metals and pesticide residues
In the city of Pu’er, the material origin of Deepure, are 45,000 hectares of well-preserved subtropical primeval forests, where the 2,700-year-old ancient Puerh tea tree king is still standing upright with verdant leaves as if to tell people the long history and tremendous vitality of Puerh tea.
Made from premium leaves of the large-leaf variety planted at eco-friendly high-altitude regions in Pu?? r, Yunnan province by scientific biological fermentation and state-of-the-art processing techniques, Deepure contains highly-concentrated instant submicron Puerh essence, which consists of Puerh factors composed of scientifically formulated tea polyphenols, the brownie, tea polysaccharide, and theine. Featuring strong aroma, ruddy color, delicious taste, and instant dissolution, the additive-free
Deepure can be enjoyed at any time and absorbed by the human body in no time to quickly play its healthcare effect.
Nowadays human health is impaired by the excessive blood lipids, blood sugar, cholesterol and fat accumulated in the body.
Drink Deepure to lower your body burden, better your health and improve your physical condition.
To enjoy a cup of strong or weak Deepure, take 1-2 sachets and pour adequate water; Use lukewarm water to achieve the original flavor.
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