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WAZOBIA - Non-racial United Nigeria (NUN)
Are you an "Hausa", an "Igbo", a "Yoruba"; or a NIGERIAN ?
Can you really define your ethnicity? Was your birth, family lineage, gender, ethnicity, and/or nationality your personal determination, or God's?
My dear brother/sister; In my almost 60 years sojourn on this planet earth, of which 27 (of it) were spent within the academic circle, I am yet to come across a baby born by parents of his/her personal choice; neither have I heard of one born into a particular clan, status, gender, nationality, or even colour, by his/her heart desires. If you cannot convincingly tell of how you "manipulated" your way into being born an Hausa, Igbo, or Yoruba, then other people worldwide may have "accepted" the citizenship of where they found themselves, just like you.
Please NOTE that:
* a man's "natural" nationality, family, family status, colour, ethnicity can be described as lorry loads of blind humans on perpetual but terminal journeys. This explains the regular birth and death of man;
* due to their "blindness", they can't really explain how they got into those lorries, let alone know their individual destinations, or the colour of their skin; as it is the responsibility of the driver to "drop" them in whatever number, wherever pleases him (the driver). This explains why some are born black, albino, white, yellow, mulatto, or brown; and some born single, twins, triplets, quadruplets, octuplets, or more, into rich, average or poor families. It also explains why you were born "Hausa" or "Ibo", and I, "Yoruba";
* the journey of man to the planet earth is described here as perpetual, because of the misery of birth (life) and death, which no man can control.
Please consider this experiment by likening:
* the Planet Earth to a "State" within Nigeria;
* our Continent - Africa to a "Local Government" area;
* Nigeria to a "City" within a Local Government area;
* Big Cities/Towns likened to major "Streets" within the City;
* Villages to "estates", "layouts", "avenues", or "close".
With the above layman analysis, I SEE OUR NATION NIGERIA AS A BEAUTIFUL CITY WITH VARIOUS STANDARDS OF STREETS, VILLAGES, ESTATES, INDUSTRIAL LAYOUTS, AVENUES, CLOSE, ETC. Therefore, as A NIGERIAN by divine order; I have no reason limiting myself to a particular "street, village, avenue, or layout simply because I was born at a "maternity centre in a particular street".
* If you must love (NOT lust); NEVER build ethnical fence around your love; rather, LOVE BECAUSE IT IS GODLY.
* If you must hate (NOT bias); NEVER hate ethnically; but HATE THAT WHICH IS UNGODLY.
* If you must appreciate (NOT sycophantic); do so for THE TRUE SENSE OF IT; NOT for ethnicity promotion.
* If you must criticise personality; do so objectively WITHOUT DRAGGING ETHNICITY ALONG. REMEMBER; the True Living GOD has not separated the Northern Rain, shine, or moon from those of the East, South, or West; let alone deny the East, South, North or West from enjoying the oceanic flow. The fact that there are Professors in the North does not deny the East, South and West their slots in the professorial world, neither does it trample upon their scholarly prowess. Similarly, the fact that there are rapists, ritualists, fraudsters, armed or pen robbers, fake clergy men/women, selfish/self-centred, unfaithful marital partners, wicked administrative/political leaders, gays, lesbians, sodomy and a host of ungodliness in one geographical zone as much as there are in the others, does not rule out the presence of God-loving, selfless, caring, prudently accountable individuals and/or leaders, genuine clergy men/women, etc in all the aforementioned Zones.
My dear brother/sister; you are NOT "Hausa", "Igbo", or "Yoruba" because you so determined at birth. You are "what/who you are" because GOD zoned you in that land. You may as well be an Igbo or Yoruba, giving out in adoption to an Hausa family even without your consent as an abandoned but rescued baby.
Please, know that you are first "God's beautiful creation", before you became your parents' "hope", and later a "blessing" to your community, and our "Nation's Pride" if you indeed make her proud. Why is it that "you are my brother/sister when we meet outside our continent", and my "presumed enemy while back HOME, to OUR MOTHER LAND"?!!! ... ... ... ... I tell you, the answer is simply SATANIC MANIPULATION, designed to make US (you and I) wage wars against ourselves, instead of STANDING AGAINST SATAN. And, the more we fight ourselves, the more we help in populating Satanic kingdom against God's.
In conclusion; may I plead with us in the name of THE MOST HIGH GOD, to PLEASE dump our respective "ethnic" caps and genuinely pursue "TRUE BROTHERLINESS" irrespective of our varied ethnicity, religious beliefs, and political affiliation. NOW is the best time for us to jointly commence the ministration of SPIRITUAL SALVATION without religious biases; alongside NATIONAL PATRIOTISM, and ETHICAL REVOLUTION, in place of our ETHNICAL AND RELIGIOUS BIASES. Doing that would not only conquer bokoharam spirit in Nigeria; IT WOULD ALSO HELP REDEEM OUR SOILED CORPORAGE IMAGE, AND PLACE OUR BEAUTIFUL BUT BATTERED NATION - NIGERIA - ON HER RIGHTFUL STATUS OF "THE GIANT OF AFRICA" with an "INDEED" closure.
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