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by on October 17, 2020
In the last one week, #ENDSARS protesters have grounded several capital cities and towns in the country to demand an end to alleged police brutality and extortion.Federal and State Governments have conceded peaceful protests are inalienable rights of citizens.These are things you shouldn’t do if you are part of the ongoing #ENDSARS protests:
· AVOID VIOLENCE: Protests don’t have to be violent. They should be peaceful to press home legitimate demands. You must avoid the temptation to resort to violence, no matter the provocation.
· DON’T HARRASS: There is no point harassing security agents, residents and passers-by. It is enough to agitate until necessary actions are taken.
· DON’T VANDALISE: To go about vandalising public and private properties will defeat the legitimacy of the protest.
· DON’T LITTER: Do not litter the streets with trash. Dispose off your refuse properly. What you are protesting against is certainly a discomfort. You can’t add a wrong to another wrong. It will not speak well of you if you leave an environment littered with your droplets, the government shouldn’t have to clean after you. Show that you have class, that you are not razz. When you are done with your placards and signboards, dispose them properly. Make Nigeria clean, it begins with you.
· DON’T MOLEST ANYONE: There are reports of molestation of ladies. This is a no-no. We cannot create another monster while fighting another.
By Faith Abiodun-Nwaifo
Tags: protest
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