Respect everyone “respect is reciprocal”
Everyone deserves to me respected however big or small in any capacity, if you want to earn respect, it must be reciprocated. This life can change anytime; don’t look down on people because tomorrow is pregnant. Nobody knows the future except God. It’s very true that you might be very educated by life is the best judge and God is the designer of destiny, it is not the amount of education you have or the wealth you have that will make you look down on people, because you don’t have all and cannot have all.
The world is wide, everyone is special in their own way, everyone is gifted in their one way, everyone has that something which others might not have, so have some respect for all.
If your respect people, no matter who they are, the world will respect you and you can easily dictate blessing in disguise. You won’t have to force people to respect you if you have respect for people. The fact is that we all need each other even in death, so if you don’t respect people help will be far from you when needed. What you have that make you look down on other will also make you look for other when it leaves you, nothing last till eternity. That beauty or intelligence that made you look down on people will fade some them, so have some respect for everybody. Respect people’s feelings and give what is due to people.
What you have that is making you look down on others, others have it surplus and even additional. Let learn to respect one another, REALLY ITS SOUND STRONG BUT THE REALITY IS TO TREAT OTHER HOW YOU WANT OTHER TO TREAT YOU.
Akwarandu Chinedu John
Tags: grateful