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By: on May 10, 2021
Don’t think Nigerians taste food with their tongues. Don’t think they perceive sound with their ears. Don’t think they perceive colors with their eyes. Being Nigerian is being stupid! There are so many signs that Nigerians are on the cusp of a new dark age. Nigerians are the most religious in the world, yet the greatest religious bigots and hypocrites. They are one of the most learned in the world, but the dumbest. The number of Nigerians in stupidity are on the rise daily. Their IQ is fal...
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By: on September 5, 2020
People may not appreciate the value of peace until they count the cost of crisis. In March 2010, against the background of the rancorous build-up to the 2011 general elections, I wrote a short piece titled Nigeria needs a National Integration Minister. More than ten years after, not much has changed with regard to the socio-political realities which necessitated that call. If anything, the call has now become a national imperative. At an inter-faith peace forum which I had the privilege of...
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