*So Ambode Who Refused To Invite Fashola To Commission Inherited Completed Projects, Wants To Prevent Sanwo-Olu From Commissioning Ongoing Projects, By Adeoba Michaels*
When some people out of naivety were pitying the outgoing Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode over his ill-fated second term bid, I laughed becuase they didn't know the kind of character he is. Akin is naturally vindictive and wicked.
The crazy rush to falsely impress the world that he had performed outstandingly well by commissioning uncompleted projects just to prevent his successor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu from taking credit of commssioning those projects smacks of kindergarten act and immaturity.
Former Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN is a man in his own class. A complete Omoluabi and matured mind. Fashola didn't rush to commission uncompleted projects just to take the glory.
Infact, the former governor deliberately left the commissioning of the completed LASEMA Centre at Cappa, Oshodi and other landmark projects for his successor, Ambode to commission.
Yet Ambode who had launched war of attrition and smear campaign against BRF immediately he assumed office failed to invite him to witness the commissioning of the project he completed. Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo had to 'conscript' Fashola into his entourage for the ocassion.
Fashola took the whole thing in his stride and focus on his assignments in Abuja as a super minister. He never fought back . It should be noted that Ambode who could steal the glory to commission BRF's completed projects could not finish many ongoing projects Fashola left. The abandoned Ilubinrin Housing is one major example among many others.
Out of hatred for Fashola, Governor Ambode refused to provide land for the minister to build the Federal Government Mass Housing Scheme for Lagos State.
All the states of the federation including Federal Capital Territory,FCT had provided land except Lagos. Work had reached advanced stage in many states, yet Ambode denied Lagos such project becuase of needless rift.
Ambode drifted off course by latching on to projects that were not expedient and worst still some which the Federal Government had indicated to handle. The governor insisted on spending Lagos taxpayers' money on the reconstruction of Lagos Airoort Road which the Federal Government had agreed to build.
It beats logic that Lagos with huge infrastructure deficit and deplorable roads, Ambode could insist on spending such billions of Naira on such project when the Federal Government was willing to foot the bill out of the national pool which the state contributes lion's share.
Ambode even cried out that Fashola had declined approval for the construction of the road as if it was his duty. He is a glory seeker!
Whilst he was busy fighting over Lagos Airport road which was not his business, he cancelled his campaign promise and plans to build Fourth Mainland Bridge that will crisscross the Lagos Lagoon and serpentine through Ikorodu. The Agric/Ishawo/Asolo road which was intended to link Arepo in Ogun State had since been abandoned.
Residents and motorists plying the road face nightmare daily. The same harrowing experience is the fate of residents of Igbogbo Baiyeku where houses were demolished for road construction. No contractor on sites.
The hyped construction of Pen Cinema Bridge in Agege has been muted since last year when he literally suspended governance. Portholes have turned to 'boreholes' on major highways across the state.
Even in the Central Business District, CBD Alausa, very close to the seat of power, massive gullies are everywhere. One can imagine the state of roads in the hinterlands and the densely populated areas.
Today, 24th, April 2019. Ambode will once again throw the bustling city into chaos. He had invited President Muhammadu Buhari for another round of jamboree. The president handlers should please advise him to ignore the clownish governor who has failed greatly.
The presidency should asked of updates and status of projects which were commissioned by the President last year, March 29, 2018. The glorified bus stop in Ikeja which Ambode brought Mr President to Lagos commission is yet to be put to use. Infact, It is being 'remodelled' after it was commissioned.
The Oshodi Transport Interchange is not yet a completed project and Lagos Airport Road is not 90 percent near completion. Mr President should save himself the embarrassment Ambode caused him last year by 'rebreaking' the Lagos Atlantic City ground which Fashola had earlier invited former President Goodluck Jonathan to perform.
Ambode should stop wasting his time. He cannot become minister. We understand how he has been spending Lagos money on some people in Abuja just to impress them. He is a failure which cannot be reinforced.
*Adeoba Michaels, a Public Affairs Analyst writes from Lagos via adeobamich@gmail.com*
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