Nigeria is restricting entry into the country for travelers from 13 countries including the US and UK, as it announced five new cases Wednesday.
The restriction will apply to travelers from countries with more than 1,000 cases. They include China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, the United States, Norway, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland, the country's National Centre for Disease Control said on its Twitter account.
"The Federal Government of Nigeria has also suspended the issuance of visa on arrival to travelers from these countries. All travelers returning from these countries prior to the restriction will be in supervised self-isolation, monitored by the NCDC and Port Health Services," - the tweet read.
The restriction will take effect starting on March 20 and will be in place until further notice.
Health officials also announced an additional five cases of the virus in the country, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to eight. One of them is a recovered patient who came in contact with the index case to Nigeria, an Italian man on a business trip to the country, authorities said.
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Source : CNN
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adebukola Johnson
We survived Ebola, Lassa fever, Malaria, Kuruna, Lapalapa etc We will surely handle Corona. Let us just remain clam and follow the directions given by the health authorities.
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Olubunmi Adewusi
Yes ooooo...
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Corona has done both good and bad things in Nigeria. Sadly, alot of people have died and on the bright side it has made our leaders realize the importance of having good government.
*The Politicians are unable to run away to overseas for treatment
* Pastors are waiting for Corona to go away b4 they start healing sicknesses again
* We now know that we cant rely only on income from oil anymore
* Building big Mosques and Churches is not what we need in the country
May God save us from the Virus and our leaders need to start fixing the country
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Please when will the lockdown be over?
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It will be over but not anytime soon. So all the extensions that Buhari and the governors are giving might help us eventually. We can copy steps taken by Governments in Spain, Italy and UK.
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Femi Akindele
So far, Gov. Sanwo-Olu has demonstrated very good leadership capabilities and Northern leaders need to emulate him rather than playing wait and see strategy
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adebukola Johnson
Abeg make dem lift the lockdown first then we go fit arrange ourselves well because people are hungry....