A new life in a new country – is it possible? Nigerians in Australia provide information that it’s more than possible! If you are a skilled specialist or an international student, you can always rely on Australia as your home. In this article, you will find out top 7 tips for starting a new life!
1. Assess your professional skills
If you are a student, then you can try to find out universities in Australia that will grant you the education you need. Do not forget that you can also access scholarships to study there. A larger number of immigrants in Australia go there as skilled workers. You can also be one of these skilled workers. It certainly improves their professional work pool. What does it mean for you? If you are a skilled worker and can provide any proof for your skills, then you are more than welcome to apply for work visa in Australia.
2. Learn about life in Australia
A lot of Nigerians in diaspora of Australia consider this country as a relatively easy place to settle in. Immigrants find Australia as one of the countries where people can easily settle in within 6 or 12 months. Nevertheless, how quickly you acclimatize in Australia depends on variety of factors.
Nevertheless, one thing you will need for certain to adapt to living in Australia. This one thing is the English language. Even if it’s your native tongue, you will still need to pass tests for the proficiency in this language. Still, you will always find people who can help you.
3. Get Started
Living in Australia as a migrant from Nigeria will provide you with great opportunities. Still, when you get to Australia, you will need to get a Tax File Number. It’s necessary if you need to receive income in the country. You will need to call the Australian Taxation Office where the tax officers will explain to you how to obtain this number. You will also need to register with Medicare. It will provide you with basic medical services which are subsidized by the government of Australia.
4. Open a Bank Account
It doesn’t matter if you are just a student in Australia or specialist who came to Australia for work. You may start choosing from different banks that are open in Australia. Do not forget, that your wage will be directed to your personal account. Still, you can also try some side job for cash in Australia. At the same time, do not forget that it might be illegal. It’s almost impossible to live in Australia without bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, then you will be cut out from a lot of services in Australia. It’s highly unadvised to do this.
5. Register with Centrelink
What is Centrelink you might ask? It’s a government agency that provides a great variety of services to the community. You will find out that settling with this agency will make your life in Australia much easier.
6. Choose one of the Cities in Australia
Before going to Australia, it’s better to find out more about the cities of Australia and especially about the city where you plan to stay. The cost of living can be drastically different in terms of the city where you prefer to live. Of course, living in big cities, like Sydney is very attractive, but the cost of living there is very high.
7. Choose job or university before you go to Australia
Australia is a country where you will need a lot of money from the very beginning to survive. Therefore, you will need to create a firm basis before going to Australia. It’s better that you first start from the choosing of the university or job to apply. When you get a confirmation letter from the university or employer, you can start packing your luggage. At the same time, do not forget about the amount of money that you need for your first months of staying there. In any case, you must take enough money.
Nigerians in Australia
The Nigerian population in Australia has been increasing rapidly since 2011. The population of Nigerians in this country doubled since 2006. The vast majority of Nigerians in Australia are skilled and educated specialists. According to the Australia Census, 82.4% of Nigerian-originated Australians possess high non-school qualification. The most rapid source of migrants from Nigeria come from the student's group. Nigerian said to be one of the top 10 sources of international students in Australia. The most popular specializations for Nigerians in Australia is engineering. About 33% of Australian Nigerians live in Sydney, about 25% live in Melbourne.
Living in Australia has a lot of benefits for Nigerians. At the same time, it provides a lot of challenges. One of the first challenges that you may bump into is prices. You shouldn’t forget that life in Australia isn’t cheap at all. You will not survive there if you are not a hard worker. What you really need to think about going to Australia is your first steps there. It’s highly advised to find a job or university in Australia from Nigeria. Still, Nigerian diaspora will help fellow Nigerians anyway. So, you can always ask them for help.
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